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Handout #1 CS103 March 28, 2011 Robert Plummer CS103 Course Information—Spring 2011 Course Title: Mathematical Foundations of Computing Units: 5 (graduate students may sign up for fewer units) Lectures: MWF 2:15 – 3:30 P.m. in Braun Auditorium (Chemistry Building) Instructor: Dr. Robert Plummer Email: [email protected] Office: Gates 178 (ground floor, B wing) Office hours: Mon. TBA, Wed. 3:45 – 5:30, or by appointment Office phone: 723-4350 TAs: Mingyu Kim [email protected] Kevin Leung [email protected] Neel Murthy [email protected] Hrysoula Papadakis [email protected] Evan Rosen [email protected] Conal Sathi [email protected] Ryan Thompson [email protected] Karl Uhlig [email protected] TA office hours and locations will be announced soon. Textbooks There are two required textbooks, which you can purchase in the bookstore. Additional materials will be provided in class. If you miss picking these up in class, you can obtain them from the handout bin in Gates near Room 182 (if any are left over), or from our web page. The textbook for the first part of the course is a custom text prepared by McGraw-Hill. It is Chapter 1 of a text on discrete mathematics. The only source is the Bookstore, in the section for this course. The text is listed as: Introduction to Theory of Computation, CS103 . Instructor: Robert Plummer. This material is from: Rosen, Kenneth H., Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 6 th Ed ., McGraw Hill, 2007. You do NOT have to buy the whole Rosen text. We will just use a reprint of Chapter 1. The main text (required) for the course is: Sipser, Michael, Introduction to the Theory of Computation 2 nd . Ed. , Thomson Course Technology, 2006.
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2 Website: https://coursework.stanford.edu
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01+Course+Information - Handout #1 March 28, 2011 CS103...

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