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Unit 4 DB - Depending on what the question means by first...

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Depending on what the question means by first will depend on the answer given. If by first the question means by in terms of date, the International Court of Justice was preceded by the Permanent Court of International Justice. They established a connection with the creation of the League of Nations in 1920. Eventually the PCIJ had to dissolve in 1946 from lack of use and then the World Court came to be. The World Court only deal with countries that have problems and agree to take it to court. The panel of judges will hear the case and then make a judgment which will be final. There is a whole list of rules that can be found at this link here: http://www.icj- cij.org/documents/index.php?p1=4&p2=3&p3=0 . A typical case will be established in this way: A petition filed by complaining nation Opposing nation responds to petition Court determines evidence that will be vital to resolve dispute.
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