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In this discussion board we were told to answer two questions regarding the electronic contract and  talk about long term impacts and down falls for using it.  Using electronic contracts will mean that we are able to use the labor force more efficiently.  Many  people live where they are now because it’s for their jobs.  This is because some companies only  recruit people who are willing to move to get the area that they are located.  By using electronic  contracts people will be able to broaden their horizon by having more choices as to where they want  to live and for employers to see who they can hire.  Another thing that will become more of an impact  from this type of contract, will be that any type of face to face business will be less of an alternative.  This is because people will see that this is a way of protecting themselves from identity theft from 
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Unformatted text preview: those people who handle state id’s, social security papers, etc. As for legal issues, these are more likely to become even more complex than usual. The cases tend to be even harder to try because people will be using electronic contracts. These will be hard to get things done unless Congress or some other high powered court comes in to resolve the issues at hand. Another pitfall for using electronic contracts is that not everyone knows how to go through the process. Also electronic contracts can be easily manipulated by the slightest key that is typed up by hackers, etc. There are then many questions that arise from that slight manipulation like whether the contract is still void or not because one or two conditions have been added, erased or something to that extent....
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