Lect _14 -- Ghosts of Berlin

Lect _14 -- Ghosts of Berlin - • Weimar Republic:...

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History 378 The Ghosts of Berlin Otto von Bismarck Congress of Vienna I. Berlin: Capital of the New Europe II. History, Memory, and the Built Environment A. The Royal Palace: Recovering an Absolutist Past B. The Reichstag: Ambivalent Symbol of German Democracy Summary of German History Prussian Royal Absolutism: 1709-1870 Kaiserreich/Second Empire: 1871-1918
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Unformatted text preview: • Weimar Republic: 1918-1933 • Third Reich: 1933-1945 • Allied Administration: 1945-1949 • German Democratic Republic (GDR): 1949-1990 • Federal Republic of Germany (“Bonn Republic”): 1949-1990 • Federal Republic of Germany (“Berlin Republic”): 1990-Present...
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