Lect _9--Second Empire Paris

Lect _9--Second Empire Paris - History 378 The Second...

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History 378 The Second Empire and the Transformation of Paris I. Introduction: Napoléon III and Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann II. Context of the 1830s-1850s: New Crises, New Opportunities III. Major Elements of Haussmanization IV. Critics of Haussmanization Film Questions Unit IV: Transforming Paris Please jot down answers to the following questions in your notes. The films provide essential background material on Second Empire Paris that is necessary for the exam and for our discussion of Zola’s Ladies’ Paradise . Questions from Film: Paris in the 19th Century: the Making of a Modern City New Crises/New Opportunities 1) How did industrialization affect the rebuilding of Paris? How did Parisian industrialization compare to that of Manchester? 2) Who was Claude-Henri St. Simon, and how did his ideas shape Haussmann’s vision of urban planning Streets, Squares, and the Built Environment 1) How did street planning, façade restrictions, and slum clearance reflect the Haussmann’s approach to urban planning? 2) How did Napoleon III’s vision of urban reform compare to that of earlier Baroque
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Lect _9--Second Empire Paris - History 378 The Second...

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