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Lect _3 -- Urbanization

Lect _3 -- Urbanization - 3 How do we account for the...

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History 378 Industrialization and Urbanization in Comparative Perspective, 1800-1914 Outline: I. The Modern Phase of European Urbanization (Late 18th – 20 th Century) II. Urbanization and Urban Growth in Comparative Perspective III. The Shock of the Industrial City After reviewing the material in Hohenberg and Lees, Chap. 7, you should be able to answer the following question: 1) What factors distinguish the third phase of European urbanization (1800-1950) from the medieval and early modern phases? 2) What was the relationship between urbanization and industrialization?
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Unformatted text preview: 3) How do we account for the differences between urban growth rates in Paris, Manchester, Berlin, and Vienna during the course of the 19 th century? Please review the following pdf file, which shows levels of urbanization in Europe in 1910: http://www.epasd.org/55983512511321/lib/55983512511321/_files/Urbanization_of_E ur ope_1910.pdf 4) Given the size and importance of Paris in France, how do we account for the lower rate of urbanization in France as compared to Great Britain and Germany?...
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