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POLI 201 / Chapter 8 Professor Finocchiaro 1 CHAPTER 8: The Federal Courts: Least Dangerous Branch or Imperial Judiciary? POLI 201: American National Government Judicial Politics The proper role of the American judiciary is a subject of continuing controversy in American politics. During the 20th century, liberals have generally defended judicial activism while conservatives have decried it. Bush v. Gore (2000) The court battle over the Florida recount in the 2000 presidential election in which the Supreme Court issued a “stay” of a vote recount and ended Al Gore’s quest for the stay of a vote recount and ended Al Gore s quest for the presidency in a ruling on December 12, 2000 led to a reversal, at least in part, of these criticisms. Liberals charged conservatives on the Court with overreach and judicial activism when the Court’s conservative majority used the authority of the national government to overturn a decision by a state court.
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