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Study Guide for Chapters Film 180 Final Exam Fall 2008 Some of the information on film noir and the western came from the documentaries we watched on those two film genres. Chapter 10: Film Noir: Somewhere in the Night 1. original source material for film noir 2. definition of “film noir” 3. major characteristics 4. portrayal of women 5. portrayal of family 6. major themes 7. influence of Production Code on film noir 8. historical influences on film noir Chapter 11: The Making of the West 1. the two main focuses of the Western 2. original source material for westerns 3. portrayal of women 4. portrayal of Native Americans 5. influence of the Western on our view of frontier history 6. read text material on Unforgiven
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Unformatted text preview: , particularly the analysis of the William Munny character Chapter 16: Into the Twenty-First Century (only 2 questions from this chapter) 1. Main influences on films in the 80s and 90s 2. Dominant themes in films in the 80s and 90s. Breakdown of questions on exam: 60 total 26 Feature film questions (this includes director, cinematographer, screenwriter, release date, plot points, theme) 18 Lecture, Text & Documentaries – there is some overlap between the information from the documentaries, lecture and the text. 14 Film shots 2 From Horsefeathers & Unsolved Mysteries (1 question each – if you were present and saw them, you can answer the questions.)...
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