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 1 Principles of Advertising Jour 368 © 2009 Carmen Maye 2 Chapter 18 Event Sponsorship, Product Placements and Branded Entertainment 3 Charmin’s Pottypalooza • The problem: smelly porta-potties • The solution: Charmin ▫ Squeaky-clean bathrooms ▫ Mounted on tractor trailers ▫ Running water, wallpaper, faux wood floors ▫ Plenty of Charmin (and other P&G products)  Safeguard, Pampers, Bounty, etc. Charmin’s Pottypalooza • Rig goes to 20 or more major events per year • About 2 million potty goers • 20 million reached with “restroom enrichment” programs altogether • 14 percent increase in sales first year Charmin’s Pottypalooza • Charmin bear mascot greets people waiting in line • Charmin spots with bear play on continuous loop inside • Total immersion (in brand sense) for consumer, who is glad for it Event Sponsorship • Financial support helps fund an event • Appeal: ▫ Effective media coverage, exposure ▫ Fan loyalty converts to sales ▫ Can foster brand loyalty ▫ Events attract well-defined audiences 4 5 6 ▫ What about sponsorships in this economic climate? 7 1
 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ▫ What about sponsorships in this economic climate? Guidelines for Event Sponsorship • Match the brand and the event • Define the target audience • Stick to a few key messages • Deliver exclusivity • Deliver relevance • Use the Internet • Plan for the before and after Charmin’s Pottypalooza Charmin’s Pottypalooza Charmin’s Pottypalooza • Exemplifies the creativity used to make meaningful connections with consumers. • Unconventional is becoming conventional. • Supplements traditional support media. Product Placement • The practice of placing any branded product into the content and execution of an established entertainment vehicle. Product Placement • On TV • At the movies • In your videogame • Authenticity, seamlessness are key. Branded Entertainment • Developing an entertainment property (TV show, theme park, short film, movie, video game) • Featuring a brand • With objective to impress and connect with consumers in unique, compelling way. IBP, IMC • Coordinating it all can be a challenge! IMC, IBP 2
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