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Jour368PPTChpt15.pptx (1) - 1 Principles of Advertising...

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11/6/09 1 Principles of Advertising Jour 368 © 2009 Carmen Maye Chapter 15 Media Strategy and Planning for Print & Broadcast Newspaper Basics Options Display Advertising Inserts Classified Advertising Newspaper Advantages Geographic selectivity Timeliness Creative opportunities Credibility Audience interest Cost Newspaper Disadvantages Limited segmentation Creative constraints Clutter Short life Categories of Newspapers Target Audience General population Business Ethnic Gay and lesbian Alternative press Geographic Coverage Frequency of Publication Dailies/weeklies/Sunday supplements Categories of Newspaper Advertising 1 2 3 4 5 6
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11/6/09 2 Categories of Newspaper Advertising Display Advertising Co-op ads Inserts Preprinted Free-standing Classified Advertising Buying Newspaper Rate Card Column Inch Standard Advertising Unit Run of Press (ROP) Preferred Position
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