Day 4 (September 1)

Day 4 (September 1) - III The New South A Dream Unfulfilled...

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Day 4 (September 1): Redemption and the New South I. Redemption and the End of Reconstruction A. Counter-Reconstruction, 1870-1874 B. Redemption and the End of Reconstruction, 1874-1877 C. The Failed Promise of Reconstruction II. Discussion: Who Freed the Slaves? Frederick Douglass and the Freedmen’s Monument
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Unformatted text preview: III. The New South: A Dream Unfulfilled A. What is a New South? B. Ideology of the New South C. Why did the New South fail? Key Terms: Compromise of 1877 Redeemers The New South Key People: Wade Hampton Henry Grady...
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