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Day 8 - B Sources of Worker Distress C Strikes and...

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Day 8: The Gilded Age I. What is the Gilded Age? II. Big Business and the Gilded Age A. Jay Gould and the Railroads B. Andrew Carnegie, Vertical Integration, and Steel C. John D. Rockefeller, Standard Oil, and the Trust D. From Competition to Consolidation: JP Morgan and Finance Capitalism III. Politics and Inequality in the Gilded Age A. The Ideology of the Gilded Age 1. Social Darwinism 2. The Gospel of Wealth (key figure: Andrew Carnegie) 3. Laissez-Faire B. Party Politics and the Gilded Age IV. The American Labor Movement A. Introduction: Is American labor history unique?
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Unformatted text preview: B. Sources of Worker Distress C. Strikes and Unionization Key Terms : Knights of Labor American Federation of Labor Great Railroad Strike of 1877 Haymarket Square bombing Pullman Strike Homestead Strike Closed shop Samuel Gompers Social Darwinism Vertical integration Horizontal integration Trust Gospel of Wealth Laissez-faire Spoils system Sherman Anti-Trust Act Pendleton Act (Civil Service Act) Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 Andrew Carnegie John D. Rockefeller...
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