October 27 (The New Deal)

October 27 (The New Deal) - Tennessee Valley Authority...

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I. Franklin Roosevelt and the Election of 1932 II. Roosevelt and the New Deal A. The New Dealers B. The First Hunded Days C. The Farmers Plight D. Labor and Industry E. Jobs Programs F. Social Security III. African Americans and the New Deal IV. Court Packing and the Decline of the New Deal V. Critics of the New Deal VI. Legacy of the New Deal Key Terms : Franklin Delano Roosevelt Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
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Unformatted text preview: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Bonus Army New Deal Fireside Chat Glass-Steagall Act Dust Bowl National Recovery Administration Public Works Administration (PWA) Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Works Progress Administration (WPA) Huey Long Father Charles Coughlin Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act) Social Security Act Court packing...
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