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November 12: Segregation Key Terms: De jure segregation De facto segregation Exclusive space Alternative space Duplicative space Partitioned space I. Segregation in the United States II. Segregation in South Carolina III. Segregation in Columbia, SC IV. Segregation on the Architectural Landscape Exclusive spaces are those from which either whites or blacks were prohibited by law or custom (e.g., public school) Partitioned spaces are those that represent attempts to segregate within properties
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Unformatted text preview: (e.g., two waiting rooms in a doctor’s office) • Duplicative spaces are those that represent attempts to provide separate facilities in order to maintain segregation (e.g., two public housing projects) • Alternative spaces are those that represent responses to segregation on the part of blacks, either to minimize indignities or to give outlet to entrepreneurial ambitions (e.g., a black-owned restaurant that served black diners)...
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