GW_outline - Chapter outline I Importance of groundwater A...

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GEL 150 Chapter 17 Groundwater Learning Objectives After reading, studying, and discussing the chapter, students should be able to: Briefly discuss the importance of groundwater. Explain the distribution of underground water including the concept of the water table. Understand the interaction between groundwater and surface streams. List and briefly discuss those factors influencing the storage and movement of groundwater. Understand the basic mathematics involved in measuring the movement of groundwater. Understand how a natural spring forms. Discuss the basic details of a well and an artesian well. List and discuss in some detail the major problems associated with groundwater withdrawal. Briefly discuss groundwater contamination. Explain briefly the geologic work accomplished by groundwater. Discuss the main features associated with karst development
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter outline I. Importance of groundwater A. Largest reservoir of fresh water that is readily available to humans B. Geological roles 1. As an erosional agent, dissolving groundwater produces II. Distribution of underground water 1. 2. 3. III. The Water Table A. Height B. shape IV. Interaction between streams and groundwater A. losing stream B. gaining stream V. Groundwater Storage and Movement 1. porosity 2. 3. Aquifer 4. VI. Movement of groundwater 1. Hydraulic Gradient 2. 3. Head 4. How fast does it move generally? 1. depends on??? 2. How do we measure it? VII. Groundwater Features A. Springs B. Geysers C. Wells 1. Cone of Depression 2. Drawdown D. Artesian Wells VIII. Problems with Groundwater A. Subsidence B. Contamination IX. KARST TOPOGRAPHY Bedrock must be 5. LS A. CAVES/Caverns B. C. D. Sinking Streams E. Tower Karst...
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GW_outline - Chapter outline I Importance of groundwater A...

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