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Medical aides aren't nurses - GOODGUESTION Medical aides...

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Unformatted text preview: GOODGUESTION Medical aides aren't nurses —aml shouldn't claim to be Dorothyanne Barry JD, RN, has a private law practice in Fayetteville, Ark Send your legal questions to [email protected] or NURSEWEEK, Good Question. 1156 Aster Ave., Suite C, Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086. The medical assistants in the office where I work refer to themselves as nurses. Is it legal to do this? They have represented themselves on the phone and to the patients as nurses. I think it is a dishonest practice. Please advise. KM. Pennsylvania Code 49, Section 27. 78(b)(3) says: ‘14 registered nurse may not knowingly permit another individual to use his license or temporary permit for any purpose or knowingly permit the unlicensed person under the regis- tered nurse’s jurisdiction or supervision to mis- represent that the individual is a licensed nurse.” If you are the RN in charge of these individ- \ uals, you must make sure this practice stops immediately. Even If you are not directly responsible for these medical assistants, you have a duty under this statute to bring this ille- gal practice to the attention of the person who is in charge of the medical assistants. Most states have similar statutes. No nurse should permit a nonlicensed person to misrepre- sent themselves to the public as a nurse. ...
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