MOA 130 Midterml Exam Review

MOA 130 Midterml Exam Review - the healthcare setting a....

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MOA 130 Midterm Exam Review, Chapters 1-6, 50 Multiple Choice Questions 1. 2. Review: a. PowerPoint Slides b. Vocabulary for all chapters c. Law and Ethics Jeopardy in Course Materials d. Chapter 5 articles, informed consent articles e. All Latin terms f. Glossary 3. Standard of care a. consequences of standard of care violations 4. Scope of Practice 5. Physician-Agent relationship 6. Due care 7. Common, civil, administrative law 8. Phases of malpractice cases 9. Terms related to the malpractice process a. statute of limitations 10. Definition of negligence 11. HIPAA a. protection of individually identified information b. consequences for violation of confidentiality 12. Contract law and implications for
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Unformatted text preview: the healthcare setting a. abandonment b. breach of contract c. capacity for consent, mental incompetence 13. Risk management 14. Defenses to malpractice case 15. Elements of malpractice case 16. Product/ premises/strict liability 17. Social Security 18. Medicare/Medicaid 19. Right to know laws 20. ERISA 21. ADA 22. FMLA 23. EEOC, discrimination 24. FADA 25. FLSA 26. OSHA 27. Job descriptions, procedure manuals, personnel manual 28. Managed Care-HMO, PPO, IPA a. gatekeepers b. utilization review c. capitation d. prospective payment versus fee for service e. DRGs...
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MOA 130 Midterml Exam Review - the healthcare setting a....

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