Lab_Tests_not_found_ in_PT-ALW-02-2010

Lab_Tests_not_found_ in_PT-ALW-02-2010 - Supplemental Lab...

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Supplemental Lab Test Information Test Convention al Stopper Color Hemagard Stopper Color Handling Transport Condition s Lab Section where Test is performed Clinical Significance Anti-HBc Red/SST Red/Gold RT Chem/RIA Diagnosis of HBV infectious state Anti-HBe Red/SST Red/Gold RT Chem/RIA Detection represents seroconversion of HBV infection;  recovery state CA 125 Red/SST Red/SST Chill Chemistry Ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, endometriosis Chromium Navy blue-no  additive Navy blue-no  additive RT Chemistry Intoxication/occupational overexposure Chylomicrons Specimen when ordered for Cholesterol, triglyceride  and/or HDL is evaluated for cloudiness ; specimen  type is a red top/SST  Chemistry Cardiac risk panel Cryofibrinogen Lav and Red Lav and Red Warm (body  temp) Hematology Multiple myeloma; malignancy, infection, connective  tissue and autoimmune disorders  Cystic fibrosis blood test Lavender;  Yellow (ACD);  whole blood
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Lab_Tests_not_found_ in_PT-ALW-02-2010 - Supplemental Lab...

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