By bioethanol fuel bioethanol produced by fermenting

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Unformatted text preview: plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. absorb The Rise in Atmospheric CO2 The Rise in Atmospheric CO Since the industrial Since revolution began in the mid-1800s, humans have increased the CO2 content increased of the atmosphere by almost 37%, much of this 37% much by burning fossil fuels. by Bioethanol (Fuel) Bioethanol Produced by fermenting sugar or starch-rich plants, such Produced as sugar cane or corn, to produce alcohol. as Biodiesel Fuel Biodiesel Made primarily from oil derived from plants such as Made soybeans, canola, or palms. soybeans, Recycling Recycling Plants remove carbon through photosynthesis and put it back Plants in by the burning of biofuels in No extra carbon is put into the atmosphere by using biofuels But There is Hot Debate Over Biofuels But Demand will drive up food Demand prices. pr...
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