Final Exam study guide spring 2011

Final Exam study guide spring 2011 - FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE...

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FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE (Spring 2011) CUMULATIVE PART (~150 points) 1) molarity problem, pH problem (definitions and be able to apply) 2) valence and bonding questions: what is valence?, what is a covalent bond? What is the difference between a polar covalent bond and a nonpolar covalent bond? Name and be able to draw two functional groups that confer polarity to the carbon backbone. What is a hydrocarbon? Explain why hydrocarbons are nonpolar. 3) What is a hydrogen bond? Draw two water molecules and show the hydrogen bond that might form between them (use an arrow to point to the bond). Name two processes in biology where hydrogen bonding is important. 4) Be able to name and recognize the four classes of macromolecules. Be able to draw a circle around one monomer and an arrow pointing to the bond that connects monomers in each. Be able to NAME the monomers and the bonds. 5) Understand water balance in plant and animal cells. What would happen to a red blood cell placed in pure water? What would happen to a plant cell in the same circumstance? Why? 6) What is similar about facilitated transport and active transport? What is different about the two processes? 7) What is a transport protein and what does it do? 8) Be able to draw a phospholipid bilayer and label the hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts. What does hydrophobic mean? What does hydrophilic mean? 9) What is an enzyme? What class of macromolecules does it belong to? What makes it specific for a certain substrate? What does it mean to denature an enzyme? How does denaturation usually affect enzyme activity? 10) What is an allosteric enzyme? An allosteric site? An allosteric activator? An allosteric inhibitor? How do these molecules alter the activity of an allosteric enzyme? 11) What is a metabolic pathway?
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Final Exam study guide spring 2011 - FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE...

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