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study sheet Exam 1 - marketplace 19 JetBlue – the whole...

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Page 1, Exam #1, Study Sheet 1. Transaction processing systems 2. Factors in making information useful 3. Raw data versus information 4. Business intelligence (BI) systems. 5. System – definition, examples 6. Information map 7. Transaction 8. CRM systems (definition, purpose, etc.) 9. Data warehouses and Business intelligence applications 10. Finance systems, examples and functions 11. HR systems, examples and functions 12. Strategies – reducing price requires what first? 13. Customer Service – web has changed this function…how? 14. Switching costs – definition, their relation to strategy 15. Critical mass – definition, relation to strategy 16. Competitive advantage – definition and examples. It’s relation to innovation 17. Something totally new required? What about adding value to the product or service for the end-customer?. 18. Strategy – what’s the relationship of strategy to a companies success in a competitive
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Unformatted text preview: marketplace? 19. JetBlue – the whole story, how they cut costs, used beta software, had people telecommute, paperless cockpits, biometrics authentication, etc. 20. Purpose of financial systems, difference between accounting systems and financial systems. Examples of financial systems. 21. HR systems, examples and purpose. 22. Effectiveness and efficiency – definitions and differences Page 2, Exam #1, Study Sheet 23. Accounting systems – purpose and examples 24. Cost accounting systems, purpose and relationship to pricing 25. Supply chain, definition, diagram, examples, communication between entities and it’s impact to inventory 26. RFID, what it is, what it does 27. CMS – cash management system, purpose and relationship to EFTs 28. Shipping, place in the supply chain, common things managed in these systems...
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study sheet Exam 1 - marketplace 19 JetBlue – the whole...

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