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CRJU 101: Study Guide for Exam 3 Note:  you should have already read the chapters from the Inciardi text;  you should continue to study all of your class notes and the PowerPoints, using this sheet as a  guide. The 4 levels of courts and their titles in both the federal and South Carolina system What is  nol. pros.  and who has the power to use it The difference between plea bargaining and trial and that plea bargaining is used much  more frequently than trial Some of the things about the Supreme Court that Article III does not specify
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Unformatted text preview: Title of the S.C. prosecutor, title of federal prosecutor Cases: o Brady v. Maryland o Gideon v. Wainwright o Batson v. Kentucky Methods of selecting judgesfederal, states, South Carolina 8 th Amendment and the 6 th Amendment Types of bail Hearsay Supreme Court of the U.S.: number of justices, name of the current Chief Justice Peremptory challenges Legal/extra-legal/systemic factors in sentencing Indeterminate sentencing/mandatory minimums/truth in sentencing/3 strikes/sentencing guidelines...
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