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Permitting invasion of underlying membrane hereditary

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Unformatted text preview: ogenesis – Promoted by enzymes expressed by cancer cells Metastasis – Cancer cells produce enzyme that degrades base Cancer membrane permitting invasion of underlying membrane Hereditary Forms of Cancer Hereditary Inheritance of genes associated with cancer – Cancerous cells not inherited BRCA1 and BRCA2 – Tumor suppressant genes – Behave as autosomal recessive alleles – Inherit a mutated gene, you are predisposed, more Inherit likely to get cancer if a 2nd mutation occurs likely Breast & ovarian Continued RB gene RB – Another tumor suppressor gene – Causes retinoblastoma – Inherits mutated allele; 2nd required for expression expression Continued RET gene RET – Increases predisposition for thyroid cancer Other mutations must occur for cancer to be Other expressed expressed – A proto-oconogene – Is autosomal dominant Tests Tests Available also for RB, and RET The body’s first line of defense against mutant a/o cancerous cells is its Immune System. Cytotoxic T cells ID strange antigens on cancer cell surface TREATMENTS TREATMENTS Surgical removal Radiation – Specific tumor – Damages DNA and apoptosis occurs Chemotherapy – – – – A way of killing cancer cells that have spread Damages DNA>apoptosis or Interferes with DNA synthesis or Interferes with spindle development Periwinkle & Pacific yew tree Hormonal therapy – Prevents cell growth Vaccines e.g. HPV Cancer Stages Cancer amen...
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