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H102LectureNotes7 - (Decemberists suppressed 1830...

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Restoration and Revolution - Congress of Vienna (1815) - Count Metternich – Congress System (Concert of Europe) – conservative, maintain status quo Pressures on Status Quo : 1) liberalism 2) radicalism 3) nationalism 4) romanticism 1823 – revolution of 1820 in Spain (constitutional monarchy) put down by French 1825 – coup attempted by liberal Russian army officers
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Unformatted text preview: (Decemberists) suppressed 1830 Revolutions Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, parts of Germany, Holland. Revolts crushed except in Belgium and France (France now constitutional monarchy—“July Monarchy” under King Louis Philippe) 1832 – Britain – Great Reform Bill 1830s-1840s – continued unrest (e.g. Chartism in Britain)...
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