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H102LectureNotes1 - Europe in the late 17til Century Powers...

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Unformatted text preview: Europe in the late 17til Century Powers - Great Britain ”F - Spain J} - France T - United Provinces/Dutch Republic {Holland} 4, - Brandenburg-Prussia 2;. - Habsburg Empire {Austria} Ir — Poland \i' - Russia r} — SwedenJ - Ottoman Empire {Turkey} {a - absolutist monarchies - aristocratic or commercial oligarchies - centralized state apparatus - ‘balance of power’ Society Monarch Landed Aristocracy {upper class} Merchants {upper middle class} Artisans, trades-people {lower middle class} Peasantry {rural work force} Serfs {rural work force — tied to land} Mm - agriculture - exploitation of natural resources (e.g. mining, forestry) - trade & commerce ...
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