Lecture 4 - Lecture/demonstration 4 I Quiz Questions...

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Lecture/demonstration 4: I. Quiz Questions: Chapter Four -- Name three of the five goal levels or List the goal order II. Reviewed Actors’ Tools with the class and talked about which class exercises helped students learn each different tool. III. Part 4 James Gandolfini - Back story (6.22 minutes in) http://www.youtube.com/watch? IV. Given Circumstances = Situation = Back Story James Gandolfini talked about the importance of creating a back story for the characters he plays. If he hasn’t done enough back story its like standing out there with no pants on—he’s not doing his work. Back story is the same as given circumstances. You use your imagination and information in the text to answer the Five Ws: Who – Where- When – What - Why. As you begin to work on your open scenes you will invent those answers. “Who” answers, “who are you as well as who are the other characters?” and “what is your relationship to each other, what is your history?” “Where” needs to be very specific. For example we are in a theatre. Drayton Theatre is very large, with high flys and open space. Another theatre might be very small, with only 50 seats. That would change our circumstance or
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Lecture 4 - Lecture/demonstration 4 I Quiz Questions...

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