Emotion and motivation with posting

Emotion and motivation with posting

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Unformatted text preview: Emotion Emotion A positive or negative reaction to a positive perceived or remembered object, event, or circumstance, accompanied by a subjective feeling subjective Basic Emotions Basic Happy Sad Fear Anger Surprise Disgust Are Emotions Universal? Are Does the Fore tribe in New Guinea Does identify Caucasian facial expressions? identify Beyond Basic Emotions Beyond Social learning Combinations of emotions Basic emotions are independent of each Basic other other Separate but Equal Emotions Separate Positive and negative emotions can Positive coexist coexist Approach emotions Approach Love and happiness Withdrawal emotions Withdrawal Fear and disgust Theories of Emotion: Theories James-Lange Theory Event Physiological arousal Interpret physiological changes Emotion You feel emotions after your body reacts. Theories of Emotion: Theories Cannon-Bard Theory Event Physiological arousal Emotion The event causes both arousal and emotion. Facial Feedback Hypothesis Facial We experience emotions in part as a We result of the positions of our facial muscles. muscles. Smiling makes you feel...
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