Emotion and motivation with posting

Weakness assumes the goal is homeostasis but assumes

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Unformatted text preview: is, but Assumes sometimes people seek increased or decreased arousal decreased Theories of Motivation: Theories Arousal Theory We seek intermediate levels of We stimulation: when understimulated, we seek arousal; when overstimulated, we seek less stimulation. seek Weakness Cannot explain motivation to engage in Cannot activities that result in high arousal activities Cannot explain long-term motivations Performance level The Yerkes-Dodson Law The High Intermediate Low Low Intermediate Arousal level High Theories of Motivation: Theories Incentives and Rewards We are motivated toward particular goals We in anticipation of a reward. in Incentive Reward Expectations of reinforcement Anterior cingulate, nucleus Anterior accumbens (dopamine) accumbens Needs and Wants Needs Need A condition that arises from the lack of a condition requirement requirement Want A condition that arises when you have an condition unmet goal that will not fill a requirement unmet Achievement and Culture Achievement Individualist culture Collectivist culture Achievement motivation Other characteristics Is Being Hungry the Opposite of being Full? being Role of the stomach Role of the brain Hypothalamus Appetite A...
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