Emotion and motivation with posting

Muscles smiling makes you feel happier frowning makes

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Unformatted text preview: happier. Frowning makes you feel sadder. Theories of Emotion: Theories Cognitive Theory Event Physiological arousal Interpret based on context Your arousal and the context combine to form emotions. Emotion The Schacter-Singer Experiment The Participants are told they are receiving a Participants vitamin supplement. vitamin They actually receive epinephrine. The Schacter-Singer Experiment The Half wait with “manic” confederates. Half wait with “angry” confederates. The Schacter-Singer Experiment The “I feel happy.” “I feel angry.” Emotional response depended on context. Theories of Emotion: Theories LeDoux’s Theory Brain and body reactions Event Emotion Memories and interpretation Different emotions rely on different combinations of body and brain reactions and interpretation. Happiness Happiness Benefits of happiness Money Social support Marriage Cultural differences Motivation Motivation The requirements and desires that lead The animals (including humans) to behave in a particular way at a particular time and place and Theories of Motivation: Theories Instinct Theory Organisms have inherited tendencies to Organisms produce organized and unalterable responses to particular stimuli responses Weakness Human behaviors are more complex and Human flexible than instincts can explain flexible Theories of Motivation: Theories Drive Theory In response to internal imbalances, In drives push you to reach homeostasis drives Weakness Assumes the goal is homeostas...
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