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Stress and Coping for posting

Stress and Coping for posting - Stress The general term...

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Unformatted text preview: Stress The general term describing the psychological and bodily response to a stimulus that alters one’s state of equilibrium Stressor – Acute stressor – Chronic stressor Stress response The Biology of Stress General adaptation syndrome (GAS) The alarm phase – Fight or flight response The resistance phase – Adaptation The exhaustion phase Sources of Stress Perceived control – Learned helplessness – Predictability Sources of Stress Internal conflict – Conflict – Approach­approach conflict – Avoidance­avoidance conflict – Approach­avoidance conflict Sources of Stress Life’s hassles – Daily hassles – Interruptions Hostility A personality trait characterized by mistrust, an expectation of harm and provocation by others, and a cynical attitude Associated with heart disease Gender differences Anger management programs The Immune System White blood cells – B cells – T cells Natural killer cells The Immune System Effects of stress on immune system – Acute stress – Chronic stress Effects of chronic stress on brain Effects of immune system on brain The Immune System Cancer – Stress and tumor growth Heart disease – Stress and blood pressure – Atherosclerosis – Depression and heart disease – Anxiety and heart disease Coping Strategies Problem­focused strategies – Active coping – Planning – Suppression of competing activities Coping Strategies Emotion­focused strategies – Emotional social support – Venting emotions – Positive reinterpretation/growth – Behavioral disengagement – Mental disengagement Coping Strategies Thought suppression – Rebound effect Humor Coping and Social Support Social support affects – Survival – Depression – Immune system Perceived social support Enacted social support Mind­Body Interventions Natural methods – Meditation – Hypnosis Exercise Placebos Interventions Psychotherapy – Relaxation training Drug treatment – Benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium, Xanax) Mechanism of action ...
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