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A science the psychodynamic theory sigmund freud the

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Unformatted text preview: he sum of its parts the The Evolution of a Science The Psychodynamic Theory – Sigmund Freud – The mind has separate components Conscious and unconscious components – Much of behavior in influenced by the Much unconscious unconscious – Psychoanalysis The Evolution of a Science The Behaviorism Behaviorism – John Watson & B. F. Skinner – The mind cannot be observed – Behavior can be observed – Science should study the observable – Reinforcement – Stimulus-response The Evolution of a Science The Humanistic Psychology – Carl Rogers & Abraham Maslow – Client-centered therapy – We strive for self-actualization The Evolution of a Science The The Cognitive Revolution – Alan Newell & Herbert Simon – Focus on mental processes (information Focus mental processing) processing) – Computer metaphor – Cognitive neuroscience The Evolution of a Science The Evolutionary psychology – Lida Cosmides, John Tooby, David Buss, & Lida Steven Pink...
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