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First class and chapter 1

Processes behavior what is science what science what

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Unformatted text preview: vior. processes behavior – What is science? What science – What are mental processes? What mental – What is behavior? What behavior Levels of Analysis Levels The brain The person The group The Evolution of a Science The Structuralism – Wilhelm Wundt & Edward Titchener (student Wilhelm of Wundt) of – Focused on identifying the “building blocks” of Focused consciousness consciousness – Introspection: Looking within Not objectively verifiable The Evolution of a Science The Functionalism – William James – Influenced by Charles Darwin Studied how consciousness helped an individual Studied survive and adapt to an environment survive Animal observations provide clues for human Animal behavior behavior – Focused on pragmatic issues such as Focused improving education improving The Evolution of a Science The Gestalt Psychology – Max Wertheimer – Focused on Focused consciousness and principles of perceptual organization organization The whole is greater than The t...
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