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Universality what psychologists do what clinical

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Unformatted text preview: er Steven – Evolutionarily successful cognitive strategies Evolutionarily and goals survived and – Cultural universality What Psychologists Do What Clinical psychology – – – Psychotherapy Clinical neuropsychology Psychological testing Counseling psychology – – – Help people with issues we all face Career counseling Vocational testing Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist What Psychologists Do What Academic Psychologists – Teach classes – Conduct research – Main Types: Clinical Cognitive Developmental Social Physiological What Psychologists Do What Applied Psychologists – Solve problems in practical areas – Main Types: Human factors Industrial/organizational Personality Social Sport School Ethics in Research Ethics Institutional Review Board (IRB) Research with people – Informed consent – Avoid deception unless necessary – Debriefing Research with animals – Avoid mistreatment – Proper housing Ethics in Clinical Practice Ethics Proper training and supervision Maintain privacy APA code of conduct – Beneficence and nonmaleficence – Fidelity and responsibility – Integrity – Justice – Respect for people’s rights and dignity Ethics in Neuroscience Ethics Neuroethics New issues for psychological research – Giving a “docility” drug to prisoners? – Brain scans as lie detectors? – Brain scans for prediction Violent tendencies? Scholastic success? Employment?...
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