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Assignment 1: Movie 28-Up

Assignment 1: Movie 28-Up - The easiest way to tell the...

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The easiest way to tell the difference between the life stages of each subject is by their appearance. As humans go through life stages, their appearance, expressions, and vocals begin to change. As children, humans are usually much smaller than the average adult. Their teeth are either too big or too small for her mouth, depending on when new teeth begin to grow. As humans grow into the adolescent stage, she begins to hit puberty. The bodies begin to grow and develop reproductive systems. In appearance, her features will mature, she has grown taller, and all or most of her adult teeth has permanently grown in. Her voice begins to tone down in pitch. At the adult stage, she is done growing, and has developed completely. Another way to distinguish all three life stages is body language. As a child, humans are very energetic. Within the videos, the children move a lot while sitting in their seats; they cannot sit still; they are so excited to be filmed with an exception of a few who were nervous. Within the adolescent stage, humans are able to sit still but are constantly fidgeting her fingers with something while avoiding eye contact. As humans
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