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MGMT 250 Fall 2008 Syllabus NLB

MGMT 250 Fall 2008 Syllabus NLB - MGMT 250 Fall 2008...

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MGMT 250 – Fall 2008 MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS AND PEOPLE I – Section 2 (1:15 PM TTR) Prof. Nurete Brenner Phone: 577-3713 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment Co-Instructor: Greer Jordan NNN (Cell) Workstation: PBL NNN [email protected] C OURSE G OALS AND O BJECTIVES The principal goals of this course are to help students understand: The context in which managers function; the options students have for careers in management based on their own aptitudes, orientations, and expertise; and how to develop the skills needed for success in a chosen career. How the effective strategic management of people contributes to organizational performance and the production of value, and how for many organizations, the effective management of people has been the driver of competitive advantage. Develop an accurate self-assessment of one’s personality, learning style, and personal values. Develop business writing skills. Demonstrate an understanding of how the effective strategic management of people contributes to organizational performance. Identify a long-term career target based on one’s interests and understanding of self. S OME G ENERAL I NFORMATION This course outline is equivalent to a contract. Please read it carefully and keep a copy handy so that you can refer to it throughout the semester. Changes to the class schedule will be announced in class and via Blackboard e-mail, so please make sure that you have activated your account and that e-mail sent to you there goes to an e-mail account that you check regularly. Required Reading Materials: Tucker, Mary L., McCarthy, Anne M., and Benton, Douglas A. 2002. The Human Challenge: Managing Yourself and Others in Organizations, 7 th Ed., Prentice-Hall. ISBN 0130859559. Dessler, Gary. 2008. A Framework for Human Resource Management, 5 rd Ed. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0136041531. The 4th Edition is also acceptable for this course . Smith, Jerald and Golden, Peggy. 2005 HR Simulation Manual, 2 nd Ed. Prentice-Hall. ISBN 0130081175. Team members may share copies of the manual; teams will be assigned after the semester has started . Kolb, David A., Kolb Learning Style Inventory. Booklet available from the Case Bookstore only . The Career Search Guide from the Case Office of Career Services is available online for you to download. Additional short reading assignments are noted in the class session descriptions; the articles are posted on Blackboard. A P HILOSOPHY FOR P ROFESSIONALISM AND L EARNING
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One of our fundamental aims in this course is to help you prepare yourself for the field of management. To this end, our approach requires that you act in an appropriate and professional manner in terms of academic integrity, completing assignments on time, working with peers outside of class, taking personal responsibility for work, and interacting respectfully. These standards of professionalism apply equally to organizations where you will eventually work.
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MGMT 250 Fall 2008 Syllabus NLB - MGMT 250 Fall 2008...

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