Revised ENTP301 Syllabus

Revised ENTP301 Syllabus - Case Western Reserve University...

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Case Western Reserve University Spring 2009 ENTP 301 – Entrepreneurial Strategy UPDATED SYLLABUS January 28, 2009 Room: PBL 202 Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30 to 11:45 Instructor: Beth Fitz Gibbon Email: [email protected] Day phone: 802-989-8175 Home phone (before 10 PM): 216-862-1514 Textbook: Entrepreneurship Strategy, Lisa K. Gundry and Jill R. Kickul, Sage Publications. 2007, plus assigned Harvard Business Review articles: Serving the World’s Poor Profitably, C.K. Prahalad and Allen Hammond 2002 The Discipline of Innovation, Peter Drucker. 2002 How to Write a Great Business Plan, William A. Sahlman 1997 How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategy That Works, Amar Bhide 1994 First Mover Disadvantage, William Boulding and Markus Christen 2001 Everything You (Don’t) Want to Know About Raising Capital, Jeffry Timmons & Dale Sander. 1989 Leadership That Gets Results, Daniel Goleman. 2000 Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Scale, John Hamm. 2002 Maximizing Your Return on People, Laurie Bassie and Daniel McMurrer Simple Rules for Making Alliances Work, Johathan Hughes and Jeff Weiss . 2007 Finding Your Next Core Business, Chris Zook. 2007 The Wisdom of Deliberate Mistakes, Schoemaker et al 2006 Course Objectives: This course is relevant for students interested in starting a new business; as well as students interested in working in consulting or finance, or pursing graduate studies in business management and economics. It is intended as a step in the direction of knowledge about the field of entrepreneurship. Students will critically assess the trade-offs entrepreneurs and managers face, and evaluate the factors affecting their decisions and outcomes. You can expect to: Gain understanding and appreciation of the importance of entrepreneurs Participate in planning new venture strategy and implementation Gain knowledge of all facets of a new business and the relationships among them to appreciate an entrepreneurial organization as a system of interrelated functions. Examine the internal and external environment and determine the impact on an entrepreneurial venture Understand and use creative approaches for opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial problem solving Analyze business opportunities and problems from the perspective of an
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ENTP 301: Entrepreneurship Strategy Syllabus Spring 2009 entrepreneurial team Sharpen creative and critical thinking skills via case analysis Strengthen abilities to function as team members and team leaders by developing a cross-disciplinary understanding of business issues Improve managerial and organizational skills via application of theories to real entrepreneurial problems and opportunities Course Structure
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Revised ENTP301 Syllabus - Case Western Reserve University...

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