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Sp 09 syllabus

Sp 09 syllabus - Case Western Managerial Accounting 202...

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Case Western Managerial Accounting- 202 Syllabus- Spring 2009 Professor: Dr. Karen W. Braun, Ph.D., CPA Office: 466 Peter B. Lewis Building Phone and voicemail: 216-368-3532 Email: [email protected] Office Hours Tuesdays: 9:15 -10 am, 11:15 am- 1:00 pm Thursdays: 9:15 -10 am, 11:15 am- 1:00 pm Additional office hours may be scheduled by appointment. I will also hold extra office hours prior to each exam. I am more than happy to visit with you during my office hours. You do NOT need to make an appointment in advance. I also have an “open door” policy. If I am in my office at other times and have my door open, feel free to stop in. Course Prerequisite Principles of Financial Accounting -101 Required Course Materials Managerial Accounting, 1e, by Bamber, Braun and Harrison (GREEN COVER) Some student material (including: quizzes, chapter overviews, power point slides, etc.) is available FREE on-line at www.prenhall.com/bamber . You may also want to purchase a companion study guide at mypearsonstore.com (ISBN #978-0-13812980-4). You should also buy a 3-ring binder to keep your lecture packets organized. Bring your current lecture packet, a calculator, and a pen or pencil to class with you every day. Course Objectives and Content The objective of this course is to introduce you to basic managerial accounting terminology, concepts and practices. Since businesses vary in their accounting information needs, their specific managerial accounting systems will vary, too. However, this course will introduce you to the most commonly used concepts and practices so that you will be able to effectively use managerial accounting information in your future careers. This course will focus on 5 broad themes: 1) Understanding managerial accounting and its terminology (the building blocks) 2) Product costing systems (How much does it cost to make one unit of our product/or service?) 3) Understanding, estimating, and using cost behavior to guide management decisions 4) Financial planning (budgeting) 5) Performance evaluation (Are subunits of the company performing up to expectations?) Blackboard I will be using Blackboard extensively for this course. I will post announcements, daily readings, daily homework assignments, homework solutions, and copies of class handouts on Blackboard. I will also be posting your exam scores, etc., to Blackboard’s on-line gradebook. Plan to check Blackboard daily. 1
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Course Grading Requirement Points possible Mid-term Exam I 100 Mid-term Exam II 100 Final Exam – 100 pts new material 20 pts comprehensive 120 Punctuality, Preparation, Participation, Practice 100 Mandatory other Assignments: ABC articles (20 pts) Job Costing (10 pts- primarily done in class) Cost behavior analysis using Excel (15 pts) Personal budget using Excel (15 pts) 60 “Your Choice” Assignments (20 pts) 20 Total 500 Final course letter grades will be assigned as follows based on your performance on the above requirements: A= 90% and higher (450 pts or more) B= 80-89%
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Sp 09 syllabus - Case Western Managerial Accounting 202...

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