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SPM4104+Calendar+FALL+2010+-+Student+version[1] - SPM 4104...

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SPM 4104 Sport Facility Design and Management Course Calendar Fall 2010 DATE ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Date/Topic Assignments to be turned in Aug. 23 Class organization Student Info & photo Class calendar Projects Grading Student Information Aug. 25 Facility Types & Positions Aug. 27 Maintenance of Facilities Aug. 30 Maintenance, continued Work order process Documentation Sept. 1 Sustainability Sept. 3 On Site Inspections of Facilities Sept. 6 – No Classes Labor Day Sept. 8 Review of Facility Maintenance Inspections Sept. 10 Graffiti Prevention Facility Inspection Due Sept. 13 Tour of UAA facilities Sept. 15 UAA facilities Sept. 17 Lightning Facility Game Day Operations Sept. 20 Facility Game Day Operations Student Exam Questions Due Crowd and Alcohol Management
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Sept. 22 Facility Security Issues Facility Lock up Procedures Sept. 24 Exam Exam One Sept. 27 Box Office Management Retail and Concessions Audits and Settlements Sept. 29 Sustainability Oct. 1 Event Planning and Production Event Bid Process Oct. 4 Policy Manual Ownership, & Governance Oct. 6
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