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SYLLABUS CGS-2531 Problem Solving with Computer Software Spring 2010 PRINT THIS OUT AND CARRY IT WITH YOU Course Home Page: This site contains an Announcements page. You must monitor this page regularly, as all major course announcements will be posted there, and NOT on Myitlab. Course Portal: Course Coordinator: Dr. Manuel E. Bermúdez ( ) Office: E574 CSE Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M,W,F: 7 th and 9 th periods Head Teaching Assistant: Jason Yu-Tseh Chi Office: E309 CSE Email: [email protected] Course Instructors: (all office hours are in CSE E309) Name Email Sectio n Schedule Office Hours Diego Rivera [email protected] 1062 T 2-3 R 3, CSE E222 T 8, R 7 Nuri Yeralan [email protected] 1065 M W F 6, TUR L011 W,F 5 Saeed Moghaddam [email protected] 1066 M W F 7, LIT 121 M,F 8 Andrew Robb [email protected] 3592 MWF 6, CSE E222 M,W 8 Mohsen Ali [email protected] 6389 MWF 3, CSE E220 M 4,5 Vishak Sivakumar [email protected] 6426 MWF 8, CSE E222 M 8, T 4 Course Description: The goal of this course is to help the student gain proficiency in text editing and formatting, spreadsheet and database management, and presentation preparation. An additional goal of the course is for the student to gain basic knowledge of modern-day computing technology. We will use the Microsoft Office 2007 software package, including the following capabilities: 1. Text editing and formatting using Word 2007, 2. Spreadsheet and database manipulation using Excel 2007, and 3. Presentations using PowerPoint 2007. Regarding computing technology, we will cover three chapters of Pearson’s “Technology in Action” book. These chapters will be available on-line at the course site at Those three chapters are as follows: 1. TIA-2: The components of a modern-day computer
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2. TIA-6: Understanding Hardware. 3. TIA-7: Networking and Security. Textbook: Exploring Office 2007 6e, customized package, Pearson, ISBN 0558392342 . Students must have access to the items in this package, but purchase of the entire package is not required. There are three options for students to acquire the necessary materials. 1. The primary option is the all-electronic package, acquired through the Pearson UF Portal: . The package costs $90, and consists of: a. Exploring Office 2007 Vol I, 3/e: Chapters Word 1-4, Excel 1-4, Powerpoint 1-3. b. Exploring Office 2007 Vol II, 1/e, Chapters Word 5, Excel 5,6 c. Technology in Action, Chapters 2,6,7. d. PHIT Tips crib sheets for Word, Excel, Powerpoint. e. Access code to the site. The all-electronic package contains exactly the necessary material.
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syllabus_sp10 - SYLLABUS CGS-2531 Problem Solving with...

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