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SYLLABUS--Spring 2010


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MAR 3023 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING SPRING 2010 SYLLABUS INSTRUCTOR: Richard J. Lutz, J.C. Penney Professor of Marketing OFFICE: 206 Bryan Hall, phone: (352)273-3273 E-mail: [email protected] To reach 206 Bryan Hall, enter through the southwest entrance, go to the second floor and enter room 212. Room 206 is inside Room 212. OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, 2:00—3:30pm. Please respect these office hours. If they are inconvenient, I am available by appointment at other times. Generally, I will be available in BRY 130 between Periods 4 and 5 on class days. COURSE ADMINISTRATOR: Jon Lutz Office Hours: NA Phone: NA E-mail: [email protected] TEACHING ASSISTANTS OFFICE: Room 225 Bryan Hall Office Hours: See TA Office Hours document on website E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (352)273-3295 HOURS AND LOCATION: Posted on the website. To reach 225 Bryan, enter through the northwest door from the Business courtyard, go down the hall and turn left before you go through the double wooden doors. Take the elevator--push the “3” button. The door to 225 will be right in front of you when the elevator door opens. The teaching assistants are there to tutor you on any aspect of course content and to handle any administrative problems you may have. Any questions regarding the accuracy of grading should be directed to them. The teaching assistants are there to help you - please make use of them. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. You will understand the role of marketing within society and within an economic system. 2. You will learn the vital role of marketing within a firm and the necessary relationships between marketing and the other functional areas of business. 3. You will consider the various decision areas within marketing and the tools and methods used by marketing managers for making decisions. 4. You will learn key marketing principles and terminology. Because this is a survey course, there is an emphasis on basic terminology and concepts.
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5. You will appreciate how a marketing perspective is important in your own personal and professional development.\ ASSURANCE OF LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Each program at the Warrington College of Business Administration has developed goals and objectives that express the most valued skills and knowledge that students should be able to demonstrate upon completion of the total learning experiences in that program. The following goals and objectives are specifically mapped onto MAR3023 : Goal 1: Demonstrate competency in and across business disciplines. 1A. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of elements of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, business law, information technology, and business statistics. Goal 4: Appreciate the ethical and legal aspects of business. 4A. Define and explain legal, ethical, and social responsibilities of organizations.
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