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Professor Nora Brennan Morrison Email: [email protected] SAGES University Seminar: The Symbolic World USSY 285L: Fantasy, Reality, and Allegory in American Film Paper and presentation assignment: Talking about the course films Each student in the course will write a two page paper and give a short presentation about one of the films. Students will sign up for a week to present their material orally and to turn in the paper. Their paper will include researching material relevant to the film. The presentation will introduce the class to the film and start discussion. Oral presentation Watch the film for the week. Take a lot of notes. Develop a five to ten minute presentation for the other students in the class. You will be setting the tone for the class discussion, so be sure to bring up any crucial scenes, themes, or ideas that you find in the film. The presentation will bring up any points that the student finds relevant or important about the film.
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