SummerTHEO1000 - T HEO 1000-L11 Faith and Critical...

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THEO 1000-L11: Faith and Critical Reason(ing) Prof. James T. Fisher, x7698 33 W. 60 th St, Rm. 806 [email protected] Office hours: M&W 9:00-11:00 & by appt. What is Faith? (With gratitude to my colleague Prof. Maureen O’Connell for sharing this passage): “The human is created for transcendence; we are by nature created to envision more than we can accomplish, to long for that which is beyond our possibilities…Faith is a longing. Human kind is created to grasp for more than we can grab, to probe for more than we can ever handle or manage. This restlessness may make us want to throw in the towel, or pull up our socks. You can either be creatively restless as before the unknowable or simply collapse into futility.” Joseph Sittler, Gravity and Grace What is Critical Reason? This is a theme we shall work through collaboratively. Our readings and discussions will focus on ways in which others have shaped theologies from their experience: of joy and suffering; of knowing God’s presence and despairing over sense of God’s absence. The most compelling theologies take the form or stories, or narratives. Grading : Final grade is divided between: 1) Class participation : active engagement in daily discussions in a manner that demonstrates familiarity with assigned texts. Regular attendance is integral component of the class participation grade. You will grade yourself on this count: more than one class missed without very good explanation will result in lower grade than you would earn if in full attendance. Constant text/tweeting and perusal of extraneous websites may similarly result in lower final grade than anticipated. 2) Two essays : the first, three page pass/fail essay on Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith , due Tues. June 7; the second, five-six page essay on Dorothy Day , The Long Loneliness (due Mon. June 20: counts as midterm grade and essay grade).
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SummerTHEO1000 - T HEO 1000-L11 Faith and Critical...

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