KIN 3502 Test 1 Review

KIN 3502 Test 1 Review - K in 3502 Test 1 Review...

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Kin 3502 Test 1 Review Differences in Measurement, Evaluation, Research o Measurement- collection of information on which a decision is based, determines the degree to which an individual possesses a certain characteristic o Evaluation- use of measurement in making decisions o Research- broader field than evaluation, contributing to the general knowledge, informing policy, general decision making Objective/subjective measurement techniques o Objective when 2 or more people score the same test and assign similar scores (defined scoring system); more reliable o Subjective lacks a standardized scoring system, which introduces some measurement error o We use objective when possible because its more reliable Formative/summative evaluations o Formative: judgment of achievement during the formative stages of learning; used to provide feedback to learners throughout the instructional process; dividing instruction into smaller units of learning & evaluating a student’s mastery of the subunits (Ex. increases in intensity/duration of aerobic exercise) Progress ? o Summative: used to decide whether broad objectives have been achieved; grading at the end of the semester/course (Ex. fitness test after training); overall did they achieve the goal? Pass or fail Goal reached? Pass or fail o What q does the formative ask? Is progress being made? o Criterion-referenced : used to determine if someone has attained a specific level (Ex. Presidential Physical Fitness Testing, BMI cut-off scores)—compared against standard (not continuous… pass/fail) A teacher thought someone could only grad if they could do THIS; meet a standard regardless of how others do o Norm-referenced: used to judge and individual’s performance in relation to the performances of other members in a well-defined group ( percentile ranking )… Ex.
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KIN 3502 Test 1 Review - K in 3502 Test 1 Review...

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