PSYC 3082 Final Exam Study Guide

PSYC 3082 Final Exam Study Guide - Psychology 3082:...

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Psychology 3082: Abnormal Psychology Bryan J. Gros, Ph.D. Final Exam Study Guide Be prepared to answer questions based on small case examples Childhood Disorders o ADHD Central features – inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity Cluster 1 – Symptoms of inattention Cluster 2 – Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity cluster Either cluster 1 or 2 must be present for a diagnosis and symptoms must be present prior to age 7 o Learning Disorders Reading disorder – discrepancy between actual and expected reading achievement Problem cannot be caused by sensory deficits (e.g.: poor vision) Mathematics Disorder Achievement below expected performance in mathematics Disorder of Written Expression Achievement below expected performance in writing Elective/Selective Mutism – a refusal to speak in certain situations (not an inability) Pervasive Developmental Disorders (problems span the person’s life) o Autistic Disorder Central Features Problems in socialization and social function Problems in communication Restricted patterns of behavior, interests, and activities o Asperger’s Disorder Much like autism but deficits in communication are much less severe. Relatively high functioning (main difference from autism) Restricted patterns and socialization problems o Treatment of Pervasive Developmental Disorders Psychosocial behavioral treatments Medication is only effective in addressing aggressive behavior of severe repetitive behaviors not a cure. Integrated Treatments (preferred model): build an appropriate social support structure Mental Retardation o Criteria: Significantly sub average intellectual functioning (IQ below 70) Concurrent deficits or impairments in two or more areas of adaptive functioning E.g.: ability to care for oneself, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, function in school or work etc… Must be evident before 18 years of age.
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PSYC 3082 Final Exam Study Guide - Psychology 3082:...

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