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PSYC 3082 Test 1 Study Guide - Abnormal Psychology Exam 1...

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Abnormal Psychology - Exam 1 Bryan Gros, Ph.D. 50 multiple choice questions Bring small scan-tron 1. Understand what a psychological disorder is. impairment, distress, dysfunction, statistical deviance and cultural inappropriateness factor into the definition of a psychological disorder. o No single definition of psychological Abnormality/normality - We all have traits of being abnormal o Psychological Dysfunction (Disorder) A breakdown in Cognitive, Emotion, or Behavioral functioning, that causes personal Distress (difficulty performing appropriate & expected roles) and/or impairment in one’s functioning, and is atypical (outside of cultural norms, culturally unexpected). Psychological disorders lead to… o Psychological Dysfunction Breakdown in cognitive (the way one thinks), emotional (mood ex. Excessive or chronic sadness), or behavioral (ex. Obsessive action) functioning o Personal Distress (or impairment) Difficulty performing appropriate and expected roles Impairment is set in the context of a person’s background o Atypical or Not Culturally excepted response Meaning the Reaction is outside of cultural norms, excluding religious experiences 2. Psychopathology the scientific study of psychological disorders 3. Psychologist, vs. psychiatrist, vs. social worker. Mental Health professionals o The Ph.D.’s – Clinical and counseling psychologists (can’t prescribe medicine) o The Psy.D’s – Clinical and counseling “Doctors of Psychology” (can’t prescribe) o M.D.’s – Psychiatrists (Major role is to prescribe medication) o M.S.W.’s – Psychiartiac and non-psychiatriac social workers o MN/ MSN’s – Psychiatric nurses All united by the scientist-practitioner framework Producers of research – creator of science conducts research leading to new procedures that are useful in practive Consumers of research – consumer of science enhancing the practice Evaluators of their work using empirical methods (scientific studies)- evaluator of science determining the effectiveness of the practice o Psychologist can Not prescribe medicine o Psychiatrist Major role IS to prescribe medicine 4. Presenting problem o a clinical description begins with a presenting problem o a symptom that causes the person to make an appointment; what are they coming in for?
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o (NOT Diagnosis. Ex: if have a sore throat, might be diagnosed w sinus infection). 5. Incidence o How many cases occur during a specific period of time o Can be described in % o Ex: The incidences of depression in the last 3 months is 3% 6. Prevalence o The rate of a disorder in a population o How many people have the disorder; the current rate .
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PSYC 3082 Test 1 Study Guide - Abnormal Psychology Exam 1...

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