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CS 124 / LINGUIST 180 - Winter 2011 Homework 5: Exercises and Search Engine Comparison Due: Thurs Feb 10, 9:30am in class This assignment takes the form of a problem set. Many of the questions are similar to the ones that might show up on the final. Answer them fully but succinctly. Please turn in your problem sets ON PAPER the day they're due. All remember to staple and write your name on your homework. (On every page is highly advised.) Questions 1. IIR Exercise 1.1 2. IIR Exercise 1.4 3. IIR Exercise 2.1 4. IIR Exercise 2.3 5. Describe how Pang, Lee, and Vaithyanathan (2002) dealt with negation words like "not", "no", or "didn't" in their sentiment analysis. Make up two review sentences that show different kids of negation that their method would fail on. Propose an improved algorithm. 6. Using Levenshtein distance, is ride closer to shard or to bier? (Give the two Levenshtein distances.) 7. Finish the computations in Figure 6.10 of Speech and Language Processing, and tell us the final
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