Case #2 - M att Hodgson September 27 Case 2 1. NASCARs...

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Matt Hodgson September 27 Case 2 1. NASCAR’s branding strategy has a direct correlation to its overall marketing strategy. With NASCAR’s marketing strategy as to increase its community and make it more diverse, I feel that the result of its marketing strategy is heavily relied on its branding strategy. With the success of NASCAR over the years, businesses now realize that NASCAR is a good positive investment. Even though the numbers have declined over the past few years, the brand loyalty from fans is still there. So with NASCAR having great brand loyalty from the fans, NASCAR can get new businesses to sponsor a driver which can thus bring more fans into the NASCAR community. Also, with NASCAR trying to become more diverse, NASCAR can begin bringing businesses into the sponsorship of NASCAR to try and get more diverse fans to watch the sport. Usually with consumers that are already loyal to a specific brand will follow what a business does. For example, if a business that has good brand loyalty from its consumers and its consumers are diverse, then usually the consumers will pick up on NASCAR if its business decides to invest in it. With the success of the branding strategy of NASCAR, it can greatly improve the overall marketing strategy as well. 2.
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Case #2 - M att Hodgson September 27 Case 2 1. NASCARs...

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