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The Book of the Watchers : o Story of Fallen Angels who mate w/ human women o Teach metal work o Creation of moral warning not to fall into sin like angels o Narrator Enoch illustrates battle of divine good and evil o Ethical identity now more important than ethnic identity Leads to Christian idea of universalism o Fall from heaven: One angel Lucifer’s/ Satan’s fall Jubilees : o Matthew describes Satan as force of darkness working against Jesus o Story of Job: Satan repeatedly attempts to make Job turn against God
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Unformatted text preview: God and Satan make a wage Omnipotent God bargains w/ Satan Augustine: o Evil is a privation of good o Philosophically speaking, evil and Satan dont exist Satan today in Western world: o Christians versus all others o Even for the secularly minded idea of good versus evil permeates society The figure of Satan: o Tester/ tempter of humanity turns into corrupter of humanity...
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