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Is it time to revive the nuclear power? Thesis statement - Recent trends lead to show us that more research and information needs to be put into the field of nuclear energy before being adapted as an alternative source for our ever increasing demands. Rapid increase in the development of technology has made our life easier and comfortable. But as long as we keep on progressing there will always be moral issues surrounding these developments, whether technology could interfere with the basic laws of nature or even endanger our existence on this planet. One such major and controversial field is the field of nuclear technology. Nuclear energy could be harnessed from mainly two kinds of nuclear reactions namely nuclear fusion and fission i.e. combining or splitting atoms to release energy. This technology if used in a controlled way can greatly help in the field medicine, technology and can generate a great amount of energy for commercial use. But there are also a number of ethical questions attached with the use of this technology as an alternate energy source. The most concerning one’s being the spread of nuclear radiation, disposal of the potentially hazardous nuclear waste generated and a potential diversion of the technology for military usage. Nuclear power provides us with an inexpensive means of generating power with the minimal pollution being emitted into the environment, but it also is one of the most dangerous technologies to deal with and if not handled with extreme caution can lead to shear devastation as was the recent case of a partial meltdown in Fukushima reactor in Japan.
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fdenv w3 - Is it time to revive the nuclear power? Thesis...

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