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Prof. Leah HNRS2 Ethics of Nuclear Technology Rapid increase in the development of technology has made our life easier and comfortable. But as long as we keep on progressing there will always be moral issues surrounding these developments, whether technology could interfere with the basic laws of nature or even endanger our existence on this planet. One such major and controversial field is the field of nuclear technology. Nuclear energy could be harnessed from mainly two kinds of nuclear reactions namely nuclear fusion and fission i.e. combining or splitting atoms to release energy. This technology if used in a controlled way can greatly help in the field medicine, technology and can generate a great amount of energy for commercial use. But many argue that when this technology is used in creating weapons of mass destruction many ethical concerns are generated. Most of the harmful effects of nuclear technology are from nuclear radiation, nuclear waste and its potential diversion for military use. Nuclear Radiation Although there is a common consensus on the fact that high doses of nuclear radiation could prove to have long term negative effects, its effect at low doses still remain uncertain. Nuclear plants are set up to harness nuclear energy and convert it into thermal or electrical energy. Such plants also have ethical issues related with them as they leak out low levels of radiation into the surrounding environment. Studies have shown that those who live within the proximity of nuclear reactors have twice the risk of contracting leukemia as compared to those who live far away. These radiations may be carried away to the environment by the water that in used to rotate the turbines or by the radioactive
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waste produced by the plant that may leak low level of radiation. Another process related to the harnessing of nuclear technology that is subject to ethical
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fdt - Prof. Leah HNRS2 Ethics of Nuclear Technology Rapid...

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